Purdes Radiology- Best Radiology Reporting Company in India

Remote Assistance

What we do?

Branching out from our teleradiology services, we are also proud presenters of Remote Assistance. Many times it so happens that a scan site may not have experts to guide the on-site technicians. This gap can be filled by us. We not only offer guidance but also specialise in a number of other aspects of Remote Assistance.

Decision Making

Decision making, whether it be before any scan or after is a crucial part of any treatment. Right from the method of scanning to interpretation, we can walk along through every step.

Technical Assistance

Use of contrast is a complex part of the scanning procedures, and we aim to provide clarity on this subject to the on-site staff on the spot.

Instructions regarding the positioning of the patient, as well as the body part (especially joints) in question depending on the type of injury or condition are given to the point. This reduces the risk of error, as well as saves time and effort of duplication of work.


The final aspect of this process is the interpretation of reports. Experts at our end do their best to interpret the scans so as to assist prompt treatment. It should be noted that for this service to work seamlessly, we urge our clients to provide correct patient history, as well as prior scans (if any).