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AI Annotations

AI Data Annotation Solution

AI Annotations

Artificial Intelligence based applications require large volumes of training data to enable Machine Learning.  These applications can play a crucial role in assisting with interpretation of Radiology images.

At Purdes Radiology we offer Radiology image annotation services for Machine Learning. Our expert Radiology team is capable of delivering image and video annotations that would help computers and machines to interpret the Radiology images accurately.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming a number of industries, including healthcare. In particular, AI-based technologies are becoming more popular in the field of radiology since they can help with accurate radiological picture interpretation. However, an important quantity of training data is required in order to sufficiently educate these AI models. This is where AI Data Annotation Solutions come into play.

Radiology image annotation services specifically designed for machine learning are Purdes Radiology’s area of expertise. In order to ensure that computers and other machinery can precisely interpret radiological images, our staff of skilled radiologists is skilled at annotating both images and videos.

Adding precise labels or markings to images is known as “radiology image annotation,” and it helps artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to recognize and understand various structures or variations in the images. In order to teach AI models to correctly analyze radiological pictures and give healthcare practitioners insightful information, this annotation procedure is essential.

Moreover, we also provide video annotation services for our Radiology image annotation services. By adding annotations to movies, we make it possible for AI algorithms to examine dynamic imaging modalities like fluoroscopy sequences or ultrasound videos. This improves the algorithms’ capacity to identify motion patterns and periodic changes in radiology images.

Segmentation is one of the essential elements of radiology image annotation. To give additional in-depth information, this entails locating and demarcating particular locations of interest within the pictures, such as tumors or organs. In order to effectively localize and define problems within radiology images and, eventually, improve diagnosis accuracy, radiology image segmentation is essential for training AI models.