​PurDes Radiology is a Company with focus on providing Tele-Radiology services of the highest quality to global clients by engaging professionally qualified and experienced Radiologists as Consultants. The company is headed by the dynamic, multi-faceted and talented senior Radiologist, Dr. Mukul Mutatkar. In a short while, the company has a significant footprint all over the country.The main objectives and working of this Company are:

  • Providing a single point solution for all Radiological Imaging Interpretation needs while following HIPAA guidelines to maintain data security/confidentiality.
  • Carrying out the process of creating high quality reports (reading/interpretation) of medical radiographic images in an electronic format with high levels of security and confidentiality as specified with each client.
  • Enable good quality studies (scans) being done/ obtained at a scan Center under supervision of the PurDes Radiologist if there is such a need. This improves the diagnostic quality and accuracy of the scans.
  • Reach out with high quality Radiology to under-serviced areas of the country as well as abroad where there is a lack of such trained personnel using the off-site model.